This guide will teach you how to build data-driven, practical, scalable operations for your company. It's not about investment rounds. It's about the bottom line.

This is part I of the guide, bird's eye overview of the topics we'll cover in much more detail in the follow up posts. It's a prezi and is best viewed full screen; use left and right arrow keys for navigation. 


There are several clear problems with the startup and venture capital industry (or at least it's coverage in the media): We have created this guide series in an attempt to address these issues and help you scale your business while remaining profitable.

What's this about and will it help me?

The guide is focused on b2b markets and software (all kinds of it) startups in the growth stage from ~$1M to $100M in revenues, but many of the concepts are applicable for consumer markets, different industries and bigger operations as well. We will be covering all important aspects of company operations that you need to design right and execute flawlessly, including, in no particular order: We are constantly updating this guide, so please subscribe and keep up with new guide steps, content updates and relevant information on the subjects above! Please share, comment, suggest, ask questions - love to hear from you!